Large animal services


The use of vaccines in bovine medicine/farming has increased massively over the past few years. This is associated with intensification and increased herd size, better diagnostic techniques, new vaccine developments and an increased awareness of the benefits of vaccination. We regularly advise and supply vaccines at competitive prices to our clients. The decision to recommend vaccination may occur after a disease has been diagnosed on a farm (following clinical examination of animals and laboratory results), or as a routine preventative measure.

We can draw up a vaccination programme for your herd either as a simple programme on its own or as part of a complete herd health scheme.Parasite control (Worming) is as important as ever. Even though there have been many drug developments in this area we still often come across disease associated with parasites.

There is a huge variety of anthelminthic products (wormers) on the market all with different actions, restrictions and withdrawals. We can advise on and supply a wide variety of competitively priced anthelminthics. The choice of product will be dependent on the history, clinical signs and laboratory results on your farm and we often, as with vaccines, draw up parasite control programmes for farmers.