Large animal services


We can improve the fertility of your herd in a number of ways.

These include :

  •  The routine treatment of any problems that occur around calving e.g. retained placentae, metritis;
  • Pre and post breeding examination of cows;  
  • Analysis of your records (ICBF analysis usually)
  • Analysis of management procedures.

We can come up with recommendations as we do for routine herd health on how to improve the overall fertility of your herd. We provide an ultrasound scanning service and have various scanning packages available at competitive prices as part of our fertility service. We have 2 ‘Easi-Scan’ ultrasonography machines that are completely mobile, robust and provide excellent image quality. They enable us to examine, treat and advise on all aspects of uterine and ovarian physiology and pathology. In practical terms this means we can examine and treat cows before breeding for problems such as womb infections, ovarian cysts and after breeding we can diagnose pregnancy from 30 days gestation, can identify twins from 35-90 days gestation and we can sex embryos from 70-110 days gestation.