Horses as our companions, athletes and breeding stock are exposed to a range of infectious disease risks in their day to day life. Vaccination for important equine diseases not only offers protection for horses but it is a mandatory requirement at some breeding establishments and for participation in many equine sporting events. Industry standards highlight the importance of vaccination in safeguarding the health and welfare of horses, which is at risk when groups of horses gather. Vaccination makes a significant positive contribution not only to the health and welfare of individual horses, but also protects the broader equine competition and breeding industries. 

We provide vaccinations for the main equine diseases – usually flu and tetanus – at a competitive price. We give all animals a full clinical examination at vaccination and can answer any specific queries or worries you may have about the animal.

We can provide comprehensive advice on worm/parasite control. We can devise a specific worm control plan for your animal or farm which may include faecal testing to monitor progress and thus minimise the unnecessary use of anthelminthics (wormers), overuse of which can lead to resistance. We sell several types of anthelminthics over the counter at a competitive price.