COVID-19 Large Animal

Dear Client,

Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital recognise the seriousness of COVID-19 and also that farmers and the Agri food sector require a veterinary service to maintain food supplies to the nation. From Monday 16th March we will be taking some steps to protect the health of clients, staff and their families.

This plan outlined may be subject to changes depending on restrictions put in place by the government in the coming days and weeks.

  • Please call ahead if you need to collect products from the hospital. This will ensure that items are assembled and ready to collect on arrival.
  • We are now operating a locked door policy so that clients will enter the hospital only when necessary at just one at a time. This is to minimise the risk of either picking up or spreading the virus. Please ring the doorbell or phone the hospital if the door is unattended. We will drop your drugs or products you require to you at the door
  • The office staff will remain 2 meters back from clients at the counter and will be wearing gloves to reduce risk to both themselves, to you and your families. Hand sanitizer will be available and we ask you to use this also
  • We have been asked by the government to maintain a 2m social distance from each other in order to prevent spread of the virus. We realize this may be difficult when treating an individual animal on farm but please make every effort to keep your distance from the vet as they arrive and work on your farm
  • If you are unwell and need products or a call to an animal, we will make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs in confidence. Call the office or one of the vets directly to arrange this service.
  • We have, as of last Friday, separated the vets from the admin staff and separated farm animal vets from companion animal vets and nurses to minimise contact and risk of virus spread. This will continue as long as the high-level threat remains.
  • Clients attending clinics with animals for a consultation must make an appointment so we can stagger arrivals thus minimising the risk. If you arrive at clinic please wait in your car until it is your turn
  • We all have loved ones in the vulnerable category so every effort must be made to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 so that the health service is not overwhelmed with cases over the coming weeks. We are available to provide all your veterinary needs during this busy springtime period and having studied the options we are confident we can do so safely and with minimal risk to everyone.
  • Most important of all, stay safe, minimise contact with others and wash your hands regularly.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

                                                                                    Richard Lane, Fergus Smith, Michael Ryan