COVID-19 Companion Animal

Dear Client,

Please see below our policy to help deal with the Covid 19 crisis

We will be giving regular updates on the evolving situation as we have more information and as government advice changes over the coming period. We will keep the advice short and succinct, based on the best available science and with the aim of protecting you, your families and our staff whilst at the same time remaining available to look after your pets as best we can.

As health professionals we are used to dealing with infectious diseases and we have the knowledge, experience and materials needed to ensure the highest standards of clinical hygiene in our veterinary premises throughout the day. 

Having examined the various risks it is clear that it is important to reduce the numbers of people mixing in the waiting room. As such we have instituted the following rules with immediate effect:

  1. All visits must be by appointment only. Please do not call to the hospital without calling first. We will see emergencies as fast as we possibly can, as ever, but please call us first. We will be leaving a gap between appointments so as to reduce the in-out flow. This may mean we will have somewhat less capacity – please understand if you cannot be seen at the time you prefer.
  1. When you are coming please make sure it is one person only with your pet. If it is essential that more than one person attend please call the Practice to discuss in advance. 
  1. We are operating a locked door policy. Please wait in your car with your pet and call the reception to let us know you have arrived. When we are ready to see you they will call you in. Please go straight into the consultation room and take a seat. The vet will take matters from there. 
  1. If you have children – please do not bring them. We love having families in with their little pets but until this crisis has passed it is best children do not attend. If you must bring your children with you – which is of course understandable if they cannot be left at home alone – please leave them in the car if they are old enough. If they are too young to stay in the car then the nurses can collect your pet and drop them back to you, and the vets can discuss everything with you at the car or by phone. 
  1. For repeat medications and for pet food please call your vet with at least 24 hours’ notice so that we can have them ready for you. We are operating a locked door policy so please ring the doorbell or phone call the hospital if the door is unattended. The nurses can if you like drop your medications or food to the car if you like, just call when you arrive.
  1. Please respect our government’s advice and request to maintain a safe social distance of 2m at all times in the hospital. The office staff will remain 2 meters back from clients at the counter and will be wearing gloves to reduce risk to both themselves, to you and your families. Hand sanitizer will be available and we ask you to use this also
  1. Where at all possible please pay by card, contactless is available in general. The key pad will be disinfected between people using it. We can also accept bank transfer payment if asked. If ordering food/medications by phone you can pay over the phone at that time.
  1. If you are unable to come in – be it that you are unwell or you wish to self-isolate – we will do everything we can to help. Call us and we will look after you and your pet as best we can. We will, where staffing allows, happily drop repeat prescriptions to the home if you are in this situation. At worst they can be posted.
  1. If you are facing financial difficulties due to reduced income during this period and your pet is unwell – please call us, we will do all we can to look after you and your pets during this time.
  1. Please please please be patient with our brilliant and caring staff if there are delays, we are all doing our best but all of these extra precautions are going to slow up things a little. 

To conclude – we will get through this. The steps our government is taking and the advice being given is excellent and is based on the best scientific information available, so please do what we are advised by those who know. 

We will look after each other, we will be kind to each other, we will do all that we have to do to protect the vulnerable. If we all stick together and do what we are advised life will get back to normal in the medium term. Never in any of our lifetimes have we faced anything like this but never in the history of humankind have we been better able to rapidly find a cure and develop a vaccine for a pandemic like this. 

It will get better, we will mind each other and we will prevail.

Thanks for your time taken to read this letter

Yours sincerely,

                                                                        Richard Lane, Fergus Smith, Michael Ryan

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